Sunday, September 23, 2018

Why Montessori Education Works

There are a lot of great schools out there. Ask anyone what makes a great school, and you will likely get multiple answers. The reality is that the system and the teacher often are the determining factor in deciding this, which is why Montessori education has become so popular across America in recent years. Parents have become frustrated with schools that seem to be focused on the teacher and administration. Montessori schools, such as that found with sammamish private schools , are based on an entirely different model. These schools are rightfully centered on the child, and the results have been tremendous. 

Early Childhood Education
For years, many experts believed that young children should just play and that formal education should not start until much later. That is flawed thinking, as children begin learning almost from day one. Remember back to you when you new born followed everything you did with their eyes. They were soaking everything in. Young children are like sponges. They can retain information, and have fun while doing it. Montessori education takes advantage of this by providing a child centered classroom that is focused on fun, educational activities. The children learn without even realizing that they are. 

Leave Formal Education Out of It
There will be plenty of time later for formal education, filled with lectures and reports to do. Early childhood education should revolve around the child. Each individual student in the school is encouraged to learn at his or her own pace. The teacher works with each student to maximize and build upon their own unique gifts and talents. Children are free to express themselves during playtime and other organized activities. This is unlike a traditional classroom where children are expected to sit in neat rows and listen intently while their teacher talks. The teacher in a Montessori school is more like a guide, moving the children towards where they want to go at their own pace. 

As you consider what to do for your child's education in these early years, consider a Montessori school. You and your child will likely be very pleased with the results. 

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