Friday, June 22, 2018

Ways to Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes

When most people think about dangerous animals, animals like alligators, lions, or bears come to mind. And it is true that these animals can hurt humans. However, one of the most dangerous animals on the planet is the mosquito. It is very small, but the diseases it can deliver are deadly. Mankind has been battling with yellow fever, dengue, and malaria for many years. Newer diseases, like Zika, are also delivering some serious blows. Here are ways that you can protect yourself against mosquitoes.

You want to create an environment in your home where mosquitoes will not be able to access your family and where they will not be able to breed. First, check your yard and other places around your home where water collects. Dump out buckets, old tires, and other receptacles that may be collecting water after it rains. Next, take steps to stop mosquitoes from entering your home. If it is possible, put screens on your windows and doors. Or you may use screen enclosures in Jacksonville to just make certain areas mosquito free. Using a mosquito net over the bed at night will protect you while you were sleeping.

You want to wear protective clothing to prevent bites. Mosquitoes like dark colors, so it is better to wear light-colored clothing when you know mosquitoes are going to be the most active. Wearing light color pants and long sleeve shirts is helpful. Socks are are also beneficial to protect your ankles and the top of your feet.

There are a variety of different repellents you can use in order to protect yourself from mosquito bites. Some of these use harsh chemicals, while others use natural ingredients. Take time to research the options that are available to find out which ones really work against mosquitoes and which ones will not have potential health risks.

Getting medical treatment as soon as possible after contracting a mosquito borne illness is extremely important. However, when it comes to mosquito bites, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you can protect your family from mosquito bites, you can avoid a lot of uncomfortable symptoms and even long-term health problems.

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