Friday, February 12, 2016

Handmade Birthday Party Invitation Cards

My little girl is turning 8 soon and she is so excited about it! So last Wednesday, for our "Basteltag" or Crafts Day we started making her birthday party invitation cards. We decided on the slider card because while watching You Tube videos on how to make them, it was very interesting and challenging on my first since it's my first time making one.

Our materials. :)
Gathering up our materials made of glitter board paper, colored paper, gift wrapper, 3D stickers in various motifs, double sided adhesives, scissors, puncher, ribbon band, self-adhesive velvet border, sandwich plastic bag, and our creative and free imagination, we came up with something that is quite elegant and cute at the same time. 

The invitation details were printed on colored paper using a color printer. The little girl wrote the names of her friends on each card and also her name to make it more personalized.

We made 10 invitation cards for her girl friends.
The inside of the cards have different paper colors. We have light blue, rose and pink. The white ribbon band is used to help pull or slide out the two cards that contain the details of the party. I am really glad we did this together. She was very happy about it and can't wait to hand them out to her friends next week. I also think they are cool and cute. How about you, do you like it? Want to know how to make one for a special occassion? I can show you how or I can make one for you. Just comment away!  

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