Monday, February 1, 2016

Burger Restaurants in Stuttgart

Looking for a good hamburger place in Stuttgart? Nope, I'm not talking about the greasy fastfood hamburgers from McDonald's or Burger King but hamburgers with 100% real beef meat and served with fresh salads. There are a number of places to go. Here are the three on my list:

Hans im Glück's whole grain bun burger with salad on the side. Just yum!

1. "Hans im Glück": The concept of this burgergrill is that of Hans' from the fairytale of the same title. "As happy as me, there is no one else under the sun!" These words are spoken by Hans after he has traded on his way one by one the valuable against the worthless. For him, happiness is something other than possession, what matters most is the MOMENT. This lightness of being, free from every burden, is the basic idea of the HANS Im GLUECK burger grills. Here guests will be given special moments of happiness. What I like about this burger grill is that you can choose the type of bread and the sauce on your burger. They also have burger menus for vegetarians. There are 4 locations in Stuttgart: in Europaviertel along Lissabonner Strasse, in Caleido along Tübinger Strasse (near Gerber), in Milaneo at Mailänder Platz, and in Marienstrasse.

2. Flo Steak & Burger: This burger and steak restaurant in the heart of Stuttgart opened not so long ago - on the 24th of April to be exact. As the name implies, they have steaks and burgers on the menu. Haven't tried the steaks yet but I heard from friends that they are great! Their burger patty is juicy and not dry. There are also many variants to choose from like salmon fish burger and vegetarian burger, Every now and then they have their burger specials. I also enjoyed their sweet potato fries and their own concoction of passion fruit juice! They are also now open from 11:03 AM on Sundays! Hurray for that! Flo is located in Bolzstrasse 10, on the corner of Lautenschlagerstrasse.

3. Triple B (Beef Burger Brothers): This is a small burger shop in the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen area. Read so many praises and good reviews about this shop. Everything is made fresh in the house, from the burger patty down to the bun. They use only 100% regional beef meat and claims that the meat is never frozen. I've been passing by this store each time I have some business at the Rathaus but never really got the chance to stop by to eat. One day I will come invade you! :) Triple B is located at Bottwarstrasse 1 (near Zuffenhausen Rathaus). More convenient to come by train on the U15 Zuffenhausen-Rathaus stop as parking can be difficult. The shop is closed on Mondays.

So there's the 3 burger grills/restaurants to watch out for when you are in Stuttgart and are in the mood for some beef goodness. 

Do you know any other Burger stores in the area? If so, I will be glad to learn about it. Just leave a comment. Thanks!

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