Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thank You For Being Born

I owe what I am today partly because of my parents. They have in their own ways raised me to become the person that I am today. The lessons and wisdom they have taught us, especially my Mom will always be in my heart and mind. My mother is not a perfect person. She also has her flaws but I will always be thankful and grateful to her for being a great mother to me and my three siblings. I never realized before how much sacrifice she has done for us but NOW I know -  now that I too have my own family and a child (and hopefully this will turn into "children" in the near future) of my own.

My Mama with her granddaughters A, S and N. 
So as you celebrate your birthday on the 4th of September, I thank you for being born. Thank you for loving, caring and nurturing our different interests. For always making sure our meals are warm and ready to fill our tummies when we get home from school and from work or from just a day out with friends. I may miss another of your birthdays by your side but my thoughts are with you on this day. May our good Lord continue to bless you with good health and the time and resources to enjoy your senior years with Papa, your children and your grandchildren.

I love you Ma. Have a wonderful and blessed birthday.
Thank you for being born. 

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