Thursday, September 3, 2015

DIY Modeling Clay Project

There are so many modeling clay products out there in the market today. In different sizes and colors. Many of them claim to be non-toxic but if you want to be safe and sure, might as well make your own clay right? It is easy to do and your kids will also love it knowing that if they run out, you can always make them using ingredients from the kitchen.

If you want to make your own clay, here is a recipe that I got from one of our family excursions during our summer holiday:

I know it is in German, so here is the translation:

Our recipe:

400 grams flour
200 grams salt
2 packs of citric acid powder (I used the one from Dr. Oetker)
3 tablespoons oil (vegetable)
500 milliliters boiling water

Mix everything and then knead in the desired food color (until the color has well blended).
-But be careful: HOT!-

You can ask your little ones to do the kneading once the temperature of the dough has cooled down. I am sure they would enjoy adding in the different food colors into the dough and knead them, and also learn how to mix them (food colors are mostly available in primary colors red, blue and yellow) to create other colors.

So there! Easy peasy right?

And here's my not so little girl S showing off her tiny creation she made from our excursion.

I just made a batch of clay today using twice the recipe to make 6 colors for my not so little girl. I will try to update this post once I get the chance to take photos of the finished batch that I made.

How about you? Do you have your own clay recipe too? I would love to learn more about it. The more variations, the better. And if you made your little ones clay using this recipe, please tell me about it too. I would love to hear about your DIY experience.

Happy crafting!

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