Monday, March 3, 2014

My Little Girl's Frozen-Themed Birthday Party Part 1

My precious little Princess is finally six. She celebrated her birthday last Friday, February 28th and I can say that she really enjoyed it. After all, she was dressed up like Elsa, the beautiful and nice snow queen from the Frozen movie. After seeing the movie for the first time here in the Philippines, she immediately told me that she wants a Frozen party. So a Frozen party it was!

I only had barely a month to plan for this party for her and I am lucky because I've got two creative sisters and equally creative and crafty cousins who readily volunteered to help me out. It wasn't a breeze planning for this party since we were limited to what's locally available. After all, in a tropical country like the Philippines, who would even think to supply winter-inpired materials except during Christmas? But we managed to do it! I can't thank these wonderful girls enough!  

The star of the day before her birthday cake and cupcakes.
She chose the dress from the many images we found on Pinterest. It was a tutu dress which my cousin made for her. I bought the tulle, organza cloth and the ornamented ribbon from a local department store here and my cousin did the rest. Underneath, she wore a tube dress (which unfortunately was pink since there was nothing else available at the department store when we bought it) to prevent her from itching. 

Playing a game of Frozen Dance to break the ice.
For the party hats, we went for the Sven antlers for the boys and tiaras for the girls. The pattern for the Sven antlers we got from My Sister's Suitcase blog. The tiara was also cute and I initially wanted to make it too! But it was difficult to get the rubber sheets (or craft foam) and we only found the brown ones with glitter on them so we only managed to make the antlers. Luckily, we found the plastic tiara at a local party supplier for only Php 3.00 each so it was really a good buy! 

Wacky pose: the birthday girl with her cousins. 

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