Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Birthday Gift Ideas

My daughter just celebrated her birthday. Next in line in the family who will turn a year older will be and then my husband. Hubby and the little girl surprised me with a tablet last Christmas so I guess it is time for me and the little girl to do the surprising for the husband's day. He has lots of interests lately, mostly involving the great outdoors. He enjoys swimming, rock climbing, hiking and snowboarding. He spends a lot of time outdoors as it allows him to let off steam and clear his mind after a hard week at work. Whenever he is out, he has the tendency to be engrossed in the moment he sometimes forgets about the time.

Perhaps a sports watch will help him to keep track of the time. I've began looking into all sorts of sports watches, including the TAG Heuer FORMULA 1, which I think really looks nice. It is not so bold looking but at the same time very sporty. This will just suit his personality. Having a watch will help him manage his time better and will help him to plan on his steps.

He could also use some gadgets that I think will be very helpful when he out. A GPS tracker to help him navigate his way in the mountains, a power bank to keep his smartphone running, and some backpacking gears. 

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