Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Simple Christmas Home Decors

For me, Christmas officially started on the first Sunday of advent so last Sunday after church and lunching with friends, we decorated our home. This year we decided it will just be a simple Christmas for us. That would mean no tree and just simple table and wall decors.

Advent wreath: a simple symbol of our anticipation for Christmas.
One of the things that I can never go without during Advent is the advent wreath. The one in the photo is from our previous Christmases and I just added some little reds from our Christmas tree trimmings. The white candles are from the Christmas market.

They light up in the evening... just make sure you have extra tea candles
for when the light burns out.
I also made a tray with Santa Claus and moose figures adorned with cinnamon stalks, pine cones, walnuts, etc. The figures are like tea light candle holders so you can also light the candles up in the evening for a warmer Christmassy feel.  They now grace the table that was meant for the Christmas tree.

A bowl of Christmas balls and native materials give it a festive look.
The Christmas tree balls I placed on a bowl and arranged them with native materials to make it look more festive. It would have been better if it was a clear glass bowl though.

My little girl is one excited Christmas helper. She hung the socks up!
Then of course the Christmas socks. Nikolaustag is coming... on Friday to be exact and they are supposed to be filled with Christmas gifts. I wanted to add a more personal touch to the socks by sewing in our names. I just didn't the time to do it yet though. Perhaps this weekend. Crossing fingers!

So that's it! What's missing is the little manger... I just haven't found the pieces yet... I have yet to search them out. I have always wanted a manger set made of wood or hand-painted ceramics. Let's see what the Christmas market has to offer... :D

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