Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And It Don't Look Like
We'll Ever Stop Our Wandering....

My little family of three has just discovered something fun, healthy and fit to do together: wandering. Some may call it walking, hiking, even trekking. But I guess wandering is a more apt word because it meant going where ever our feet will take us and exploring the area. It started first as a hobby for my hubby but then I came to love it and then our little one too.

The little girl on her first wandering trip with us.
We initially planned to leave the little one at the Kinderclub at The Garda Village while hubby and I go wandering but since the staff are quite busy preparing for some activities for the evening program, we decided to bring the little one with us. And I was glad we did. 

The view of Lake Garda was very beautiful from above...
Too bad it is not so clear in the photos...
The little wanderer... and nope, she doesn't look tired at all!
Walking further... we got her a little wooden stick we found along the trail to help with her balance.
Standing on a rocky precipice... I bet Hubby's knees were shaking while I was taking this one. :D
Me and the little girl sitting on the rocky precipice...
I had to hold her tight. We are a family afraid of heights. 
She had a lot of fun and enjoyed singing and dancing while on our way. She also got to see a lot of tiny crawling and hopping and flying creatures and wild flowers along the trail. And what was more beautiful was the sound of bells singing during our descent. At first we thought it was from the little chapel that we saw on our way up the mountains but thought it was too far. Then we realized it was from the bells on the cow's necks. They were moving to another part of the mountain to graze and the sounds their bells made was music to our ears. And that was another thing that our little girl really liked.  

Almost there! Yay!
Of course we had to consider the distance we will be covering so that her little feet won't tire too much. I was amazed at how much energy she had. She took great pains in walking with us all the way without any complaints... at least up to a certain point near the peak of the mountain. To think she didn't have appropriate shoes on. All things considered, I think she really did a great job! And she was very enthusiastic for the next trip. 

Only the Hubby made it to the peak.
The little girl and I stayed behind for some coloring, dancing, and singing..
And back to where we started... this way please!
If you love to travel, going on a little hiking with the family is a very good activity to kill the time, get to know the area a little bit better, discover beautiful views, and keep fit all at the same. You will also discover a lot about your children in the great outdoors and realize how carefree and  enthusiastic they can be when out in the mountains.

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