Saturday, November 3, 2012

Of Falling Hair and Clogged Drains

It has been months since I last had my hair cut so it has grown quite so long. It's not so bad having long hair, especially now that it is getting cold. The only problem is that, the longer my hair gets, the worse my hairfall problem gets. I have consulted a dermatologist about it, telling them that I have problem hairfall problem. They only told me that about 100 strands of hair falling per day is normal. Hmmm.... I tried counting one day and it's more than a hundred!!! I am also using shampoo that is specially formulated to help prevent hairfall to no avail. :(

Anyway, another problem is our shower drain clogging more frequently now. Because of that, I had to de-clog the drains more often using a drain gel. Although the liquid formula is made for all types of pipes, I still get worried because of the frequency of de-clogging. I just hope I would not need to use plumbing tools since I don't have one or worse hire a professional plumber, which is kind of expensive.

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