Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Platinum Wedding Bands for Him

The year is now 2012 and platinum wedding bands aren’t just for her anymore. In the past the push for pure white metals was seen more for her ring. A solitary setting looks the best in platinum. The king of all metals platinum has a great reputation for being pure and rare. The best part of these being pure is that platinum will never fade. It is like a good analogy for your love. Pure and long lasting, it won’t chip and fall off. There are so many positive attributes of platinum.

If you can’t quite afford to go with a platinum wedding band there are other options out there. Recently sites have started offering a wide selection of alternative white metals. Cobalt chrome being the newest white metal to hit the markets. A good alternative from the platinum metals group are palladium wedding bands. You will get the same look and almost the same feel as platinum but at a fraction of the cost. There really isn’t a right or wrong answer to what metal to choose but at least now there are options.


Theweddingbandcompany said...

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Wedding rings said...

I am wearing a platinum band myself, so yes I totally agree.

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