Sunday, February 19, 2012

Games I Loved As A Kid

Playstation, XBox, Ipad games, Computer Games... these were unknown when I was still a child. Playing then was more interactive and involved a lot of socializing and moving around. We take advantage of the vacant lot in the neighborhood or the light provided by the full moon. We used indigenous materials then too, like wooden sticks, water, bamboo shoots or our own strength and speed in playing games and lots of creativity and imagination, since most of the games we played were invented and can be revised depending on the present need.

I remember playing shatong, a stick flinging game, with my sisters and cousins and how I would easily lose since I cannot hold my breath long enough to reach the base while shouting "shaaattttooooonnnnggggg!!". Then there is luksong tinik, when we would have to jump as high as we can in order for the team to win. The hurdle that we would need to go through: feet and hands stacked one of top of the other as in the photo below:

I remember the days when the yoyo became so popular... when we would excitedly wait for my father to come home from work so he could  give us the yoyo's he promised to get us. These days, yoyo's are still thankfully known to children. The designs are varied to suit the taste of today's youth, dark magic yoyo designs for example. I remember learning how to make a star or walk the dog trick but never really got around to making it right! :D

Then there is tumbang preso where we would try to make the empty milk can of Alaska Condensada from a distance using our rubber slippers. Oh, what fun it was! And of course, the langit lupa game, where the taya would need to chase the other players who are standing on the ground (thus the word lupa) and how those who participate in the game would frantically search for high ground (thus the word langit) before they are caught by the taya.

While playing these games, we had lots of fun. We shouted, we laughed, we shrieked with glee. And although we may be opponents in the game, we still end up feeling happy at the end, knowing that the friendship is strengthened. Indeed, those childhood games helped to foster sportsmanship and camaraderie. And what's better, the snacks that we get to share afterwards, which is composed usually of maruya (deep fried bananas with sugar coating) and calamansi juice.

One of these days, I will introduce these games to my daughter. So that she too, will be able to enjoy the games we used to play as children. So she will also realize that fun need not be expensive.

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Chris said...

kids now don't really enjoy outdoors as much as kids of our times, noh?

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