Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Visiting Beautiful Prague

31 October 2011. It was a cold and cloudy day when we set off for Prague. It was a four-hour drive from Stuttgart and we expect to arrive there at around three. We left at around nine in the morning so you must wonder where the remaining two hours went. Of course, we need to do some stops in between, to empty our bladder, to eat and to stretch our backs and legs. The autumn landscape of Germany and Czech Republic was really beautiful. We had no problems on the way. I could even say it was a very relaxing drive... what with the autumn scenery and the "unhurried" manner of trying to reach our destination.

Even the fallen are still beautiful...
We made a quick stop at a parking area to clean our car's windshield.
I wanted to take clearer photos on the way. Before leaving, I couldn't resist
taking a photo of the road bend with the trees lining it.
It was a little past three when we arrived. Luckily, we were able to park immediately in front of the hotel. After checking in, we went to our hotel room and refreshed a bit. Then we called home since it was Nanay Tessie's birthday. We promised to call her that day so we did. After calling, we headed out and explored Wenceslas Square and searched for a a place to eat. We discovered Chinese Fusion, a Chinese restaurant. We were too early I think since we came at around 5:30. The place was still empty. The ambiance was nice but the food wasn't impressive. It was too salty for our palate, which is an understatement for someone like me who likes her food salty.

My little princess at the Chinese restaurant.  
After dinner, we walked some more until we reached this very impressive structure which is of the neo-renaissance style. At the top end of Wenceslas Square is one of Prague's landmarks, the National Museum (Národní muzeum). The interior is unfortunately closed for renovations until June 2015 so that we were never able to experience it's inner beauty. What we were able to enjoy though was its very beautiful facade as it stands proud and staunch in the night light. Equally staunch and proud is the statue of St. Wenceslas on his horse, standing in front of the museum.

The family in front of the National Museum.
After exploring and lots of experimenting with my camera to take night shots, we walked back to our hotel. We know that the next day promises more beautiful stories and discoveries and experiences.


kimmy said...

beautiful, indeed! wish i could go there someday.. :)

by the way do you mind checking out on How Much Is Your Love?

Joeann said...

wow...looks like your having fun.never been to Prague.Hope to go there too.lovely photos!

Gloria Harmon said...

How I wish I could be able to bring my family there as well. I know how wonderful place Prague is.

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