Monday, November 7, 2011

Shopping Made Easy

Nowadays, I do most of my shopping online. If I am doubtful about a certain product, I would first check it out in the shopping centers, taking note of the size, model, color, etc. before I make my purchase online. Why do I bother to check when I can just purchase them right there and there? This is because most of the stuff sold online are way cheaper than those sold in shopping centers. So far, this is what I have observed.

So why is it cheaper? Maybe because there is no need to rent a place to display the products in an area where there are lots of people. The number of people will also be less. And they can just use the services of another delivery company to do the delivery of the items. I am pretty sure they also have a number of barcode scanners because handling items electronically is way, way more efficient when it comes to inventory and billing.

And there is this thing called R├╝ckgaberecht, which is the right of the customer to return a product item without any questions within fourteen days from the date of arrival to your doorstep. It is the law and is applicable not only for shopping items but also for contracts, for example a mobile phone plan. This is so that you can return the product if it does not fit, or you don't like the color, or you just simply changed your mind.

Now, ain't shopping easier this way?


Liz Shops Online said...

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ladyguinevere28 said...


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Liv said...

Online shopping is the best! I was able to fully enjoy it when I was on pregnant up until my baby is two months old since I can't go out and shop at the mall.

Anonymous said...

wanitz!! got to try this!! its convenient and saves you a lot of time!! plus they offer free delivery!! kiamy2512

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