Tuesday, June 11, 2024

What Goes Inside the Balikbayan Box?

Filipinos are fond of sharing their blessings to family and friends and enjoy giving gifts. For those who are living abroad, they  usually do this through the balikbayan box or BB box. Before reading further, there are some important things that you need to know when sending one like proper labelling, declaration of the contents and being aware of what is allowed inside. 

Among the top five items that goes inside the BB box are:

1. Sweets and candies - chocolates are always a top pick when one thinks of sending a BB box back home. While the modern time has made it possible for imported chocolates to be available in grocery shelves, they tend to be a bit pricey. Plus, there are promotional periods where chocolates are really very cheap - think Halloween, Valentine's and Christmas. So you can buy in bulk at your local stores on sale day.

2. Toiletries - you can never go wrong with including body and skin care products in your BB box. Lotions, body wash, hand creams, and other skincare essentials have long shelflives so you can stock on them for your loved ones. 

3. Nutella and Co. - this sweet hazelnut cocoa spread is never missing in a BB box. Who does not love it? I just love it's sweet nutty goodness, perfect as a spread on just anything! Hmmm...

4. Perfumes and scents - who does not love to receive a bottle of perfume on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries? For those of us who miss out on birthdays of family members because we are away, one good way of showing that we are thinking of them is making sure to put in a bottle or two of their favorite scent into the BB box. 

5. Bags and wallets - let's face it, bags and wallets and small leather goods from foreign brands are always appreciated by our loved ones back home. You do not need to send them designer labels though, but if you have to, there are always the outlet shops where you can buy them at discounted rates. Or look out for Black Friday or closing of season sales.

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