Thursday, June 16, 2022

Baptism Invitations

So our little angel will soon be baptized. The church schedule has been set. Our chosen priest has confirmed that he will baptize our little girl (Yahoo!). We have registered the baptism at the church and we have also informed the godparents. All that is left is for us to finalize the venue where we will celebrate with family and friends and then we can proceed with  sending out the invitations.

Speaking of invitations, I am torn between making the invitations myself or just have it printed at my tried-and-tested print shop Saal Digital. Thinking that making the invites myself will take up a lot of time, I decided against it. And so I opened my Saal digital software, purchased some watercolor foliage cliparts, tweaked the layout, and my invite is finished in no time! But of course, the venue is not yet final, so I will still have to edit this one.

The front of the invitation card.

The back of the invitation with a bible verse I chose for Lilly to live by.

The inside of the invitation card with the time, date and place.

I wanted it to be simple and clean. What do you think? Did I nail it?

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