Saturday, May 29, 2021

Off to Kindergarten Soon

So my little Lilly is now 9 months, 1 week and 3 days old. She has achieved a number of milestones since my last post here

She can now pick her food so that we have started easting finger foods. She loves strawberries and (cooked) carrot sticks and butter cookies for babies. I also have tried integrating some boiled egg and beef into her lunch meals. She also gets porridge for breakfast and dinner, and for lunch she gets a mashed potato-vegetable combi. I always prepare her meals fresh for lunch. I know it is a bit tedious and time consuming but at least I know what she is getting. Besides, I am getting used making her lunch "mush".

And she now has three teeth! The fourth one is coming out soon too. In no time, it will be more and more painful to nurse her. We still need to work on her love for feeding bottles as she only will drink from it if the content is water.

She is also becoming more mobile. She has long been able to roll over. She still needs a little help from me when she tries to sit upright but I know that she is getting there. She can already keep her balance when sitting. She can almost crawl - she now goes on all fours or sometimes does the plank position. With a little bit more practice, I know that she will soon crawl on all fours. Time to baby-proof the house since I haven't started doing it yet. 

She is also still very shy with strangers, and doesn't want to be held by our friends when they come to visit. She would cry when they try to get her from me. But I know this is just a phase that babies go through and hopefully it will get better as the months go by.  

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