Sunday, March 22, 2020

Why You Should Never Reboil Boiled Water

Technology has made it a lot easier for us to boil water using electric kettles. They come in many different designs, shapes, sizes and material. But like the good old water kettle, it is always advisable to use fresh water when boiling a new one.

Water from the tap naturally contains chemical components, even germs and bacteria. When you boil water, the chemical components undergo a chemical transformation and the germs and bacteria are killed in the process. When you reboil it, the transformed components like nitrates and fluorides for example become more concentrated. The more you reboil, the more concentrated they become and become  significantly toxic. And you don't want this to enter your body. Who does?

Studies have shown that chemical substances such as arsenic, when accumulated in the body can result in a number of health problems like for example cancer, heart disease, even infertility.  Nitrates become carcinogenic when they are converted to nitrosamines. Water naturally contains calcium salts, a high intake of which can lead to health problems including kidney stones, gallstones. 

If you are pregnant, better be on the safe side and always use fresh water when preparing your tea.

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