Thursday, October 10, 2019

Suki Is Two!

It's already fall... The leaves are beginning to fall and she loves the fragrance of the autumn air.
Our little Suki just turned two last Sunday, and oh my, aren't we sooo glad that she came into our lives! Who would have thought that this wild ball of fur would turn our lives update down. We couldn't even imagine our life without her now...

Just cuddling and hanging out with family.

She is one ball of happy, wild, slimy, sweet, needy, cuddly, adorable FUR! She drools when she wants a piece of what you are eating and gives you her look that you can't resist. She loves to fart especially when you are beside her and it just STINKS A LOT! She is a springer - she would jump at you just because. She hates it when it rains and doesn't want her paws to get wet, so she could be stubborn if you force to go out for a walk on a cold rainy day. She sheds a lot, it doesn't matter what season. She snores very loud, louder even than the husband, that he can't sleep too when Suki sleeps with us. Hihi! But despite all these, we are not complaining. 

Getting a bite of her favorite snack: carrots, anyone?
She is one sweet dog - she is content to just sleep beside us whenever we hang out in the living room. She is family to us, and I am her Mama. Imagine having little kids at home who would follow you around, even to the bathroom? Suki does that too! Suki is our french bulldog. She is our family pet, but she is more than that. I guess you can say that she is our 2nd baby. And we thank God she is in our lives. May we get to spend more years with her.

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