Wednesday, September 25, 2019

e-Scooters / e-Rollers in the City

e-Scooters from lime parked near the tram stop in Zuffenhausen-Kelterplatz.
I have been noticing e-Rollers parked just about anywhere around the city. It started I think last month, when the first few of these battery-operated scooters for rent can be spotted in the city center. The e-Scooters or e-Rollers are operated by lime, a US-company.

Could this be the start of the mobility revolution in Stuttgart? These e-scooters are not meant to compete with the public transportation like buses, trams and trains but as a supplement to it. These e-scooters are said to run up to a speed of 20 km/h. Oh my, is that fast!

To protect it from robbers, it has anti-theft features: it alarms so loud like a car alarm system when someone tries to use it by force. The e-scooters can be activated via a smartphone app, where you have to be a registered user to be able to rent, locate available e-scooters and pay.

The e-scooters may be used by anyone aged 14 years old and above. They may only be used on the bike lanes or cycle paths; driving along the Königstrasse is tabu. Helmets are not required when using them but it is recommended for your own safety.

Have you ever tried using an e-scooter? Would you rent an e-Scooter yourself? Let me know how your experience was by leaving your comments below.

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