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3 Facts About Cajun Food

Sometimes, you are in the mood for something a little different for dinner. One option is plano tx seafood restaurants. You may have heard of Cajun cuisine, but are not 100% what that entails. It can be spicy and includes fish, but the amount of each varies.

Here are three facts about Cajun cuisine to consider.

Cajun cuisine was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was concocted by the Acadians and French Catholic individuals in the area who were forced to move to New Orleans after the British in Canada exiled them. Therefore, you can view this as simple cooking that lives off the land and sea. Dishes are often cooked in a cast iron pot and served with rice and/or beans. It is often spicy and blackened. Every dish will include onions, celery and carrots, and it will be topped off with garlic, parsley and scallions for additional flavor.

Cajun is not Creole
It is very easy to confuse two things that are so close in resemblance. This is often the case with Cajun and Creole cuisine. Remember, though, Cajun food is not Creole. Creole cooking also originated in Louisiana, but not in New Orleans. It utilizes ingredients that could be imported instead of found in the swamp. Components of Creole dishes include more ingredients, too. While it is true that Cajun and Creole share characteristics, they are still distinctive in that Creole is more of a city slicker food and Cajun is more of a comfort food.

What is on the Menu?
On a typical menu at a Cajun restaurant, you will find the same items. The menu will include a variation of crab and shrimp that will either be fried of boiled. When eateries offer fried Cajun seafood, they are often sold in baskets that include French fries. Other popular sides may be corn, potatoes and coleslaw. For those who are not seafood-inclined, chicken tenders and wings are often sold, too, with scrumptious sides like fried pickles, hushpuppies and dipping bread.
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