Saturday, August 11, 2018

Where is Suki?

So the family is on the road for some much needed vacation. It has been months since our last family break and since it's the school break of our daughter, we might as well spend it in our home country. And because getting there in our Heimat requires long hours of flying, our Suki is not allowed to be with us on board.

Flying her through a special transport service for the four weeks that we will be away is out of the question. Aside from it being too expensive, something that this family cannot afford just yet, it would also be very risky considering her breed and all the health risks that go with it.

Spending the afternoon at the park while our girl is having her ballet classes.

So where is Suki now? She is in the good hands of Pino in his dog pension in Ludwigsburg. Suki enjoys it there I think. She loves to be in the company of other dogs too although she loves it best to be cuddled by us and being the center of our attention.

But for the 4 weeks that we will be away, she will be vacationing too! - with Pino at Pinos Hundehotel Paradiso in Ludwigsburg in the company of dogs with from different households whose owner friends are away on vacation too. We will be missing our four-legged friend, I mean we are missing her already. But we are assured that she in good hands, in the able hands and care of Pino.

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