Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Missing The Mountains

It has been a while since we as a family went on a hiking trip. I miss smelling the fresh air, the grass that would gently graze our legs as we pass through narrow trails amidst green fields, the surprising and sometimes challenging ascents and descents that we encounter along the way, the breathtaking view at the summit or at our end destination, how it allows us to just empty our minds of the mundane and busy world that we left behind and just enjoy the presence of one another despite the occassional whining and complaining. :) Walking trails always gives us that sense of stillness and peace, leaving us in awe at the majesty and beauty our eyes can behold. 

Following the king's trail during a hiking trip
a couple of years ago in Schwangau, Bavaria.

However, due to circumstances beyond our control, traveling for this purpose at the time being is difficult to make. But I remain hopeful and positive that one day, all shall be well again... things will go back to normal and we could once again help ourselves to a day or two of hiking in the mountains.

The mountains beckon... and we will be there, SOON!

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