Saturday, March 11, 2017

Decorate Your Own First Communion Candle

An essential in your child's first communion is the communion candle. It symbolizes Christ, who lights our way and guides us in our journey as Christians. 

For my daughter's first communion candle, we decided to decorate it ourselves. We found a colorful design on the internet which suited our daughter's personality and used it as our reference. 

In decorating the communion candle, it is important to keep the following in mind:

1. Leave at least 13-15 cm space on the top so that the decoration will not immediately melt away while the candle burns. Also allow a 15 cm distance from the bottom so that your child will be able to hold the candle easily without covering the decoration while handling the candle.

2. Signs of the eucharist and Christ such as the chalice, the host, grape vine, fish, alpha and omega, sun, cross, etc. are just some of the symbols relevant to first communion. Explain to your child what each symbol means and allow them to choose the symbols that they want on their candle.

3. Materials: you will need candle (we used 35mm x 500 mm, with 10% beeswax), wax sheets in various colours, crafter's scalpel, cutting mat, templates for the symbols, wax paper.

3. Don't forget to also place your child's name and the date of the first communion so you will always be reminded when your child first received the body and blood of Christ.

4. Have fun decorating. This is also another chance to spend quality time with your child and sharing with them your faith.

Self-decorated candles are also great gifts for your loved ones. You can easily customize the design according to the occasion.

Happy crafting!

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