Friday, October 23, 2015

Four Handy Suggestions That Can Help You Select an Appropriate Size for a Commercial Refrigerator for Your Restaurant

Most commercial refrigerators are available in various sizes. Choosing one of these sizes can be difficult because most restaurant kitchens have limited space and limited location options.

Here are four handy suggestions for selecting a size for a commercial fridge that can help you choose the right sized refrigerator for your restaurant's kitchen:

Consider Your Food Storage Needs 
Most restaurant owners should consider purchasing a commercial refrigerator that offers enough space to store properly the amount of food you use on a regular basis. This is a good idea because it can help you select a refrigerator that offers enough space to prevent unwanted spoilage of foods that you use on a regular basis.

Pick a Suitable Place for Your Fridge 
Most restaurant kitchens have odd-shaped designs that make installing a commercial refrigerator challenging. One way to get around this problem is to pick a suitable place for your fridge in advance. 

If you need help choosing a suitable place for your fridge, why not consider using the following locations to install your refrigerators:
  • Areas near corners.
  • The area near food preparation areas.
  • Areas near meat freezers and dishwashers.
  • Area that have suitable power sources that are easy to find. 
  • Areas near ice machines. 
Measure the Size of Your Kitchen's Entrance 
Measuring the size of your kitchen's entrance is worthwhile because it can make selecting a refrigerate that will fit inside your kitchen easier. This should not be surprising because most commercial-grade refrigerators are designed to fit neatly inside most restaurants' kitchen entrances. 

Choose a Storage Volume 
Most commercial refrigerators that are used in restaurants have interior storage volumes that typically range between 20-70 cubic feet. Choosing one of these storage volumes is simple if you remember to use the following suggestions:
  • Consider how much produce you will store inside the refrigerator
  • Consider how often you will need to store dairy products.
  • Choose a storage size that offers extra space for excess inventory and odd-shaped foods.
  • Choose a volume that cools foods evenly without causing condensation.
As you can see, choosing the right size for a commercial refrigerator is easy if you remember to choose a refrigerator that is large enough to keep food fresh without overwhelming your kitchen's layout. Feel free to use these tips to choose a size for your restaurant's next commercial refrigerator that offers these useful benefits

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