Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Re-Growing Vegetables from Scrap

I particularly love cooking Pakchoi or Bok Choy. It tastes great in soups or simply sauteed. However, it is not everyday that this heavenly green goodness is available in the supermarket. Plus, they are expensive. I learned however that it can be easily regrown in the kitchen using the bottom part that is normally just discarded in the organic bin.

My pakchoi and scallions after a week! Now the are ready for planting.
So one day, after making beef soup with pakchoi, instead of throwing out the bottom cut part, I decided to place it in a small shallow dish filled with water, with the cut side up. A tip: it is essential that you change the water daily to keep it fresh. I included the bottom part of the scallions or spring onions which I also put in the soup.

My pakchoi is happy now that is in planted in soil! :)
The scallions look happy too! Now their roots can spread and they more room to grow.
In just a couple of days, the leaves began to grow. After a week, my pakchoi already has lots of leaves and the roots have also come out. More so with my scallions. I decided to transfer them in soil today so that they have more room to grow and get the essential nourishment that water cannot give.

Now, they are sitting prettily in my kitchen, very close to the window, so they can get lots of warmth and light. Maybe in another two weeks, I get to have a taste of my very own home-grown pakchoi. :)

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