Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ready for Spring Cleaning 2014?

I know it is still too early for this since in the East Coast, it is way too cold and here in my part of the planet, the days are just beginning to get colder (which is kind of komisch since it is already January -- we have a very late Winter this season) but it is better to be prepared than sorry. Yep, I am referring to SPRING CLEANING. I know we are still in the middle of winter and I also know that Spring Cleaning will never be effortless... whoever said that it will be easy? But if you know how to organize and plan ahead on where you want to start, it will not be so stressful as you think. It could also be enjoyable for you too if you let it -- or perhaps you could turn it into a family tradition. Well, just saying...

I am actually looking forward to doing some Spring Cleaning myself since our basement storeroom is already full to the brim. It is high time we sort some stuff out and organize them. But I guess it will be impossible to do the spring cleaning since I will be away in warm and tropical Philippines come Spring. It would also be great if I can have commercial carpet cleaning toronto done to our living room carpet since it is already dirty. I do vacuum it every now and then but the stains are becoming more visible with each day. It also looked already worn out so either we have it cleaned professionally for it to look like new again or get a new one. Which would you choose doing?

And one more question: do you ever clean your beds, more so your mattresses? I would air the beds and vacuum it once in a while since we have a family member who is allergic to dust. But sometimes, I would forget all about it for so many reasons and would be guilty if I hear sneezes. If you are spring cleaning, consider mattress cleaning toronto. I think the bed is one of the places where we spend a great part of the day in, at least 8 hours if we don't sleep in, next to school or our workplace so don't you think it deserves the thorough cleaning it needs?

Make sure you have a checklist for spring cleaning. Where you want to start, the materials you will be needing, who is responsible for cleaning or organizing that area, and how long it should take. That way, you are able to optimize your time. Whether you work from the outside going in or inside going out, just make sure that you focus on that area. That way, you don't end up starting on many different things at once and never finishing anything. Good luck and have fun!

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