Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's Keeping My Little Lady Busy?

School is over since the middle of March and that means my little lady has all the time in the world to play to her heart's content. It also means more time for ballet, the one activity that's keeping her (and me) busy during the weekdays. She has ballet lessons every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and acting and voice classes every Monday and Wednesday. So expect us to be out of the house on these days...

My little lady has always loved ballet and so as parents, we try to support and nurture her interests so that in the end, she will grow up knowing of our support. I also believe that children should be given choices even at an early age so they will know that they have the option to choose.

Watch out for my little girl's recital on May 19 at the CAP Grand Auditorium, Davao City.

For their recital in May, they are doing a Broadway Musical Montage... Right now they are learning some songs from the Broadway musical "Annie" and I really find it cute. As for ballet, she is still at the Babies ballet so it's more of the fun side of ballet that people can expect. 

During one of their ballet classes... She was attentively listening to their instructor.
Guess I'll be one those stage moms in the event because I am just proud of my little lady!

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