Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Do You Smoke Cigars or Cigarettes?

I am not much of a cigar fan and all the bad health effects that it brings to the body, but it does intrigue me sometimes why people choose to smoke cigars rather than cigarettes. When you try to look at it, there are really people who prefer cigars to cigarettes. I wonder why this is so.... There are people who smoke cigars as a hobby because cigars also make really good collections, especially the premium ones. There are also people who just chew the cigars because health conditions do not allow them to smoke.

Cigars and cigarettes are two different things. Although the main component is tabacco, the physical similarities stop there. Comparing the size, cigars are bigger than cigarettes, which means that they last longer. Cigars are wrapped in tabacco while cigarettes are wrapped in paper. They are also more expensive than the normal cigarettes so that getting hold of a cigars sampler would be a good idea (if you are a cigar smoker, that is!). 

But whichever you smoke, always do it in moderation. Remember that too much of something is not always good. That has always been so....  Remember to also smoke in well ventilated areas so that you do not inhale the toxins that come with the tabacco smoke.

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