Monday, September 24, 2012

A Garden Full of Pumpkins!!!

Yesterday, we went to the Blühendes Barock Schloss in Ludwigsburg to tour some friends from Goettingen, Germany. We did not go to the Märchengarten or the botanical garden or toured the castle but followed the pumpkins until it finally led us to the garden full of pumpkins!

Schellenursli, a famous character from a famous Swiss  children's story.
Der Alphornbläser: The Alphorn Player 
Heidi's little cottage. Heidi is a famous character that I love as a child.
The Rütlischwur: the legendary oath of Old Swiss Confederacy.
Yes, the Kürbisausstellung (Pumpkin Exhibition) at the Blühendes Barock (BlueBa for short) is still ongoing! It's the Swiss' turn to impress this year as the pumpkins depict anything Swiss: the Swiss knife, the Swiss Alps's highest peak the Matterhorn, the Swiss Alphorn player, the Rütlischwur (the legendary oath of Old Swiss Confederacy) and Heidi's hut to name a few. 

Cute animal pumpkins! Which animal is your favorite?
Pumpkins anyone?
It was very impressive indeed, with so many pumpkins in different colors, shapes and sizes. The garden was even packed with people, since the weather thankfully cooperated. :-) There's more special events lined up in the coming days for the Pumpkin Exhibit so if you haven't been there, visit it! The exhibit runs until the 4th of November 2012.

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