Sunday, January 29, 2012

Courses Doctors May Find Helpful

Working in the medical profession entails a continuous learning process. When I say medical professional, I am not only referring to doctors who are practicing in hospitals and clinics but to doctors who are doing medical research and to those who are in the academe or doing consultancy work, sharing their knowledge, expertise and experience to fellow medical practitioners and aspiring ones. For doctors who are working in this field, a medical teaching course aimed at giving formal medical education training to help improve their teaching skills and styles is very good start. There is also another program called teach the teacher course offered by Oxford Medical in Oxford and London, which runs for only a couple of days, ideal for ST doctors, sprs, middle grades and consultants. From this course, doctors will be trained in the theory of adult education, perfect their presentation skills, develop and write structured learning objectives among others.

Another interesting course for doctors is the consultant interview course, an interview training course that takes place only in a day. This course trains doctors how to structure, prepare and deliver a medical presentation, and respond to any interview question, how to deliver exceptional responses to difficult questions in terms of management, leadership and current NHS issues, and practice in a mock interview among other things. There is also a three-day medical management course, which highlights the key management and leadership areas that practising doctors should be trained in. It focuses on the skills and awareness required to lead and manage within a medical team by varying management/leadership style, communicating and negotiating effectively and understanding how to make best use of the diversity of individuals in the team. At the end of the course, the delegates will then be able to write a business plan for developing the service, and having the ability to describe and discuss a range of issues which form the context for the development of services within the NHS.

If you want to be ahead of your career and be the best, taking a course or two will surely help.

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