Friday, October 7, 2011

One Step At A Time

Getting a job in a country where you do not speak their language is a big challenge for me. Why? Because communication is very important, most especially at the workplace. To hurdle this challenge, first things first. Learn the language. And so learn I did. I went to a language school and there learned the basics and then went on to attend a six-week intensive German course. Then I realized I need to earn a Masters Degree if I wish to work in my desired workplace since my Chemical Engineer license is not recognized here. So I am attending Graduate School right now and going on my third semester. Thankfully, the program I applied for is taught in English so understanding the course content and the lectures is not a problem.

So what's next? Just wait and see? No, definitely not. To get a step closer to my desired job, I am planning to apply as a student assistant in one of the many institutes at the university. Hopefully, I will be accepted and then I could get my work permit from the Auslanderbehörde (Immigration Office). Once I finish my Masters, I will definitel apply to the many different environmental firms. I could even get one of those Night Audit Clerk Jobs while I am waiting for the right employer. It should be fun... And I get to practice my German with the hotel guests and brush up on my English with the foreign guests.

I haven't experienced doing the real jobhunting part yet so I don't really know how difficult getting a job here in my part of the planet will be. But I guess once I set my heart out to getting a job, I will be able to tell. Until then, I will just enjoy the fact that I have a very good husband who has an equally good job to support us. There's really no rush... I am taking things one step at a time.

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Loi said...

Trying to learn another language is a challenge but there's a sense of fulfillment and confidence once you master it. By the way, I'm trying to learn Spanish...

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