Saturday, September 11, 2021

Crayons From Kindergarten to Professional Art

Crayons often bring back memories of innocent, carefree childhood days. The wide array of colors allows children to unleash their imaginations while filling in their coloring books. Even the fresh aroma of the wax adds to the experience. However, crayons are not just for kids. 

 An adult can choose to become a crayon artist. In the right hands, the crayon can be wielded like a paintbrush. Some crayon artists are so creative they are invited to exhibit their works in art galleries. In addition, these artists may give lectures at schools, often to the enchantmentnt of young people. Whether you aspire to be a renowned artist or you just want to try something new, there are several ways to delve into crayon art.

Arrange Them in a Pattern 
An artist may place the crayons in a pattern so that from a distance they form a recognizable image. This can require using hundreds or even thousands of pieces. They are carefully slotted in a base according to colors and shadings. This is often delicate and painstaking work.

Melt Them 
If you want to "wax poetic" on a canvas, you could melt the crayons. Initially, the melted wax will be very hot, so make sure you don’t touch it or let it splatter on your skin. A hot glue gun can be very handy for the purpose of distributing the wax onto the canvas.

Color With Them 
Crayons can be used to fill in drawings, preliminary sketches and finished works. This can allow you to revisit your childhood and use either wax or chalk crayons. It is important for artists to find the right types of surfaces for the rich textures and intense colors.

Many people never outgrow the love of crayons. The best artists take crayons to the level of sophisticated fine art.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Almost One!

My baby Lilly is almost a year old now. Just one more week and she will be a year old. I sigh because time indeed flies so fast. And she will be going to the Kindergarten soon too, in September to be exact, because this mommy needs to go back to work in October.

A lot has happened since my last blog entry, when Lilly turned 10 months old. Since then, she can already make gestures or point at something if she wants to have it. But of course, she doesn't always get what she wants to get her hands on, especially if it will pose a danger to her. She also can understand simple instructions now, like "Please give Mama the ball" or "Can you give me a kiss?". When it comes to mobility, she can crawl now at lightning speed, and has learned to stand with her sole flat on the floor. She still sometimes tiptoes though, especially if she want to reach something that is on the coffee table. 

She loves going out now, and is more sociable. She doesn't willingly go to every people she meets but there is now a handful of our friends who can hold her in their arms without her screaming of fear or crying her heart out. Hopefully, this will help her as she adjusts to the day at the kindergarten.

We are still undecided though on whether we will celebrate her birthday with friends by throwing out a party or just go out to eat at one of a local restaurant here. It is always uncertain especially that the pandemic is not yet over. But we also don't want to just let her birthday go by, we want to do something special about it. I hope that we will be able to come up with something soon.

This mommy's heart wishes that she will remain to be a healthy baby and will always have a happy disposition. I wish that we will be able to provide her a good, happy and secure childhood, just like what her big sister had.  I hope and pray that everything will be better soon, so we can also travel back home, and she can get to know her grand parents, aunts and uncles, and cousins.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Letter for Lilly at 10 Months

My dearest baby Lilly, time flies so fast. It felt like yesterday when I brought you out into this world. In less than two months you will turn a year old. Just like that, yes just like that. 

You are born in uncertain times, in the middle of a pandemic that has claimed millions of lives throughout the world. But things are slowly returning to normal, thanks to the quick development of vaccines. Hopefully we could celebrate with family and a small circle of good friends on your birthday. Until then, may you stay healthy and continue to develop as a normal baby would.

You have reached your milestones one step at a time. You can crawl very well now and even stand and take a few steps with me or the couch or table or chairs as your support. You love to eat what we eat during mealtime, and your favorite fruit is banana and pears. You now have 4 milk teeth and the 5th one is on its way. Your giggles, smiles and wet kisses always melt my heart so that no matter how tired or grumpy I am, you are able to refresh me and remind me that I should cherish these days with you because you are growing up so fast. Your babbles are so adorable and you gladly respond when we call out your name. You also have this mischievous side to you where you would crawl as fast as you can away from me when I ask you what you are doing. I also find it cute how you would get angry or impatient if you are hungry and I am still trying to cool down your food.

I am forever grateful for you and for coming to our lives. There are still lots of moments to be shared with you, memories to be made, with me and daddy and Nee-chan and Suki. So please stay healthy love. Explore your little world. Cry, eat, sleep, poop, be dirty, play, fall down, laugh. We are just here for you every step of the way. We love you, little Lilly, always and in all ways. 

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Ideas to Prepare your Child for Kindergarten

If your first child hasn't attended school yet, you may be wondering how to get them ready for this big step. Many parents have helped prepare their preschoolers for kindergarten through some of the tips shared below. 

Read to Them
Reading out loud is one of the top early learning strategies that will prepare your youngster for the classroom. Start the tradition when your son or daughter is still an infant. Bedtime stories are a wonderful way to cuddle each evening and get ready for sleep. 

Create Learning Opportunities
Visit nearby museums and attractions as often as possible. If there is a zoo or aquarium in your area, it is an ideal way for them to learn about animals. While you are driving in the car, talk to them about what buildings you are passing and what happens in each place. Help them start to identity different colors of cars and what various road signs mean. Go on family adventures to national parks and other areas where they can learn about nature. 

Help Them Develop Friendships
Organize a small playgroup with other young ones in your neighborhood. Change the location of where you meet to create some variety. You can rotate between your homes or meet at different parks. Playing with friends can help young ones learn to share toys and take turns. These are important social skills that often help preschoolers adapt to the classroom. Young children should be closely supervised by a trusted adult at all times. 

Keep Them Healthy
Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits can build your child's immune system. Getting adequate rest and exercise can also benefit their health. Look for opportunities to teach about healthy food and activity choices. 

Kindergarten can be such a positive step forward in your preschooler's life. Look ahead and include one or two of these ideas into your schedule this week. The school teachers will thank you!

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